Where to Sip and Savor: A Guide to Manhattan’s Best bars

Manhattan is probably the most popular area in New York City. Most popular bars are located in this region because of which people mostly prefer visiting here with their friends and family to have a drink together. But it is not that easy to choose a bar in the Manhattan region as there are many present. All drinks seem great only when you are present at the right bar. The choice of bar basically depends on the mood in which you are visiting. Here we will be looking at the best bars in the Manhattan region. These bars are as follows-

Time Out Market New York

This is the best place where you can get almost the taste of all the drinks in the Manhattan and New York City region. It has been a bit since this place was established, and it has various bars which have been established at the same place altogether. You could have various cocktails over here and enjoy the same view as this market is established at a huge place and expands over two floors.

The Long Island Bar

The Long Island Bar is located near Cobble Hills, and this bar was established more than 50 years ago. It serves the same taste as it used to do during the time at which it had been established. The retro taste can be found at this place, and you can also enjoy the view of this place as the interior of the same has been made inspired by the 20th-century bars. This bar is so crowded that it has outdoor seating available for the customers.


Attaboy is located towards the Lower Eastern side of the city. It is a famous cocktail bar located in the region, and it has various Cocktails with authentic spices of the old times. This bar was not much popular in earlier times, but then the variety of cocktails offered over here improved, which led to an increase in the customers and fame of the Attaboy bar. In the year 2020, the bar experienced a huge peak in its customers, due to which it even had to do an outdoor expansion. The theme of this bar is Cloak and Dagger, and it even combines authentic spices altogether to make the best Cocktails.


Sunny’s bar will surely give you a classic feel in today’s generation. This is the oldest bar present in the city and it was established during the 1890s. The Balzano family started this bar a long time ago, and they’ve maintained the quality of the drinks offered here. Although this bar doesn’t has a good variety of beers available, still the variety of Cocktails available here is enough to make a good experience in this bar. The bar is located near the seas, and it provides a great view to the visitors which it is still popular these days.

Bemelmans Bar

Ludwig Bemelmans, who has been one of the most popular Cocktail makers in the region, established this bar a long time ago. And his fame has been the major reason behind the popularity of this bar, and it even provides a great taste of spices in the Cocktails. The best part is that this bar is not as expensive as people could expect it to be. This bar has a great range of beer and other drinks available, which you can enjoy at reasonable prices.

Good Judy

This is probably the best and the most active bar these days regarding the functions and parties organised over here. It frequently has been shown, including Karaoke performances, bingo, and much more. This bar was established in the year 2020, and since then, the events have been organised over here frequently. These events also became a major reason why this bar was able to get an initial boost in the Manhattan region

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